Influencer Resources, Brand Resources By Anthony Svirskis

TRIBE’s Commitment to Diversity and Change

This letter is the commencement of change.

TRIBE’s existing and undefined approach to diversity and inclusion requires it. 

Our platform has connected over 8,000 marketers with 80,000 content creators, producing over 1,000,000 pieces of branded content. We employ 55 staff in four countries. 

We want to drive meaningful impact in society via the tens of thousands of touchpoints we have across the advertising community. That possibility begins with us.

First Steps

We started our journey with a staff-lead forum which covered three vital components of the conversation.

1. Have we historically operated TRIBE inclusively and with diversity in mind?

2. As an organisation, how can we improve in diversity and inclusion?

3. How can our platform educate marketers about diversity, and ensure equal opportunities for all creators.


A Look Inward

A 4.5 year old startup has a lot of things on its mind as it grows from two people to 20 people and beyond. Whilst never having a specific diversity and inclusion mandate, we formed a diverse group and proudly championed the individual. Not by design, nor by agenda.

But we are not naive to gaps within our organization. A retrospective ‘good enough’ attitude towards diversity and inclusion is not good enough. To begin to solve the problem, we realised that we have never educated our staff on this vital topic and we need to, as the world does. 

The business is committed to improvement.


The staff-lead forum will continue to meet monthly and help drive grassroots initiatives. Collaborative goals will be set and sponsored by senior leaders to ensure follow through.

Our objective is to provide education and make resources available to create an environment where conversation occurs and action follows. We expect the pathway to be iterative and to consistently progress.


Our Impact on Advertising

Every year, thousands of brands in Australia, UK and US use our platform to source branded content. Once purchased, this content lives in social media, digital advertising, websites and billboards. 

Our platform works on the basis of connecting brands with their ‘influential customers’. A brand can very well expect diversity in the creators and content that TRIBE delivers to them, but we rarely encourage brands to brief for or select content through a lens of diversity.

We assumed the natural diversity of the marketplace would be enough. It isn’t.


For our brands, we commit to better educating you on the diversity within TRIBE. This means:

  • Providing you with more information as to why diversity is important when choosing the creators and content to represent your brand.

  • Guiding you to build a brief that encourages diversity in responses.

  • Helping you make decisions with diversity in mind.

  • Delivering you creators and content that reflects the diversity of your customer base.

To Our Beautiful Creator Network

Thank you for the feedback in this vital area. We have listened and strive to continuously improve.

We haven’t placed enough focus on surfacing and championing diversity within our network. We know it exists, but just knowing is not good enough. 

The changes you will start to see include:

  • More diversity in moodboard imagery.

  • Diversity statements within briefs.

  • Better educated brands making more diverse and inclusive decisions.

  • The diversity of our creator network being far better elevated across our business, social media and advertising.

With this, we expect you’ll start to notice the difference over the coming months.

The dialogue with our creators, brands and staff remains perpetually open.


We will continue to test and iterate along the way knowing that diversity in our platform will never be viewed through a singular lens. We will continue to ask you for your feedback and act if we get it wrong. We will keep you informed about our progress.

We have the opportunity to positively impact the marketing and advertising world in a meaningful way. This letter is a commitment from TRIBE staff, leadership and myself. It is the start of our diversity and inclusion journey and it will evolve and endure as long as we do.


Anthony Svirskis, TRIBE CEO