Influencer Resources By Sophie Allen

Top Questions From TRIBE Creators Answered

I’m Soph, Account Manager at TRIBE Sydney and I’m also an influencer! I receive so many questions each day about the TRIBE platform so I’ve pulled together my best tips and tricks to answer the most popular questions.


I just submitted a post. When will I hear back?

You’ve bought the product, styled & shot the image, edited, filtered, captioned and submitted. Now it’s over to the brand to hit approve! Some brands don’t mess about and will approve posts after a matter of minutes. Others may need a gentle reminder and the rest have to go through their internal approval processes which can sometimes take a couple of weeks. 


Can I submit the mood board image?

If the brief says this is an option, then sure! Otherwise, no dice. You should pride yourself on original, creative, beautifully crafted content, so stick to what you do best, original content has the highest chance of being approved.


Do I have to buy the product before I submit?

Yep, how else would you authentically recommend the product to your followers if you haven’t tried it yourself? At TRIBE we believe that if you don’t love the product or own it already, then you shouldn’t recommend it to your friends or followers to buy & try.

This may seem a bit different to the way you may have done things. But think of it this way - you take a pic of something you love (win), and then get paid to endorse it to your followers (double win).


Can I submit more than one image per brief?

Why yes, yes you can. We encourage you submit 2-3 images, that will increase your chance of a win and reduce any back and forth from the brand (they may want a different angle, more product in shot, different lighting). Submit content with different images, rather than captions, if the brand wants a caption edit, they’ll let you know.  


I've just posted my content, where's my money at?

Glad you asked! You can be paid within 48 hours or 30 days, depending on the payment option you selected prior to publishing your content. If it has been well over those time frames and still no pesos, jump into 'chat with us' in the app and we’ll hunt that money down for you!


I was declined from a brief, should I have
another go?

Hell yeah you should! Switch up the angle, change the lighting, use some props or some peeps, grab ya dog or ya neighbour! Study the brief all the way from Brand Name to Do’s and Don’ts and have another crack!


I've got the best photo to submit, but the brief is gone! WTF?

First, use the search bar to be sure that the brief is no longer live in the app. If you can’t find it, chances are the brand has paused the brief due to an influx of submissions. A couple of things may have happened - the brand needs to get through their initial pending posts or they’ve reached their budget earlier than expected.

If you need to know the status of any of our briefs shout out through the ‘chat with us’ function on the app. I’ll be on the other end to answer any Q’s you may have! 


The brand declined me, but didn't explain why. Can you ask them for some feedback?

Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to give feedback to 30+ TRIBE creators.

I get it, it sucks, you want to know ‘should I bother re-submitting?’, ‘lower the price?’, ‘change the caption?’... More often than not, it’s just about your profile not aligning with the brands, so try not to take it personally. If you’re losing sleep about it, ask me and I’ll cast my eyes over it!


How do I submit to a brief providing samples?

If a brand specifies that they’d like to send out product samples, here’s how to get your hands on one.

Take a screenshot of one of their mood board images, upload that with your fee and in the caption let the brand know how you’d style the shot if you were to receive the product. Once the brand has gone through the posts, they can chat to you using feedback and request a secure postal address to send samples to.

When you receive the samples, re-shoot your content, and either upload it plus a few others for the brand to choose from (they love this), or hit ‘edit & re-submit’ (the ‘…’ icon in the top right corner of your post in your pending section).


Can I talk to the brand before submitting?

The only way you can chat to the brand is if you’ve already submitted content and the brand chats to you first. You can then chat to them in pending, approved and once published. If you have a burning question or feel there’s something unclear in the brief, please let us know, because chances are other TRIBE creators have the same questions. 


Is there a limit to how many campaigns I can submit for?

No, we recommend you submit for as many as you feel align with your account, that way you’ve got a higher chance of approval for at least one of those briefs. 


I just hit publish but the image isn't on my Instagram?

You’re so close! One more step and we’ll send that hard earned cash your way! Follow the prompts to open Instagram, the caption will have copied to your clipboard, upload it to Instagram like you would any other non-TRIBE post, hit paste in the caption and share that content with the world! 


Here are a few tips I follow when submitting my own content:

1. Favourite the briefs you’re going to submit for, if these pause + re-activate you’ll see them in your favourites section in categories.

2. Be quick! Some briefs receive a tonne of content, the quicker you are the better.

3. When taking pictures, be sure to mix it up - different angles, close ups, with or without product, different locations + backdrops etc.

4. Think about any existing content you already have in your camera roll
Stalk out the brands socials, get a feel for their vibe and replicate that in your own style.

For some more quick tips, check out 5 easy tricks to get more TRIBE wins here.


What's the idea behind influencer ratings?

Influencer Ratings has been designed to help you stand out to brands more than ever. These ratings will be displayed to brand's next to your submission to their brief, and are out of 5 stars.


How is my influencer rating calculated?

Your rating is calculated by TRIBE, not by brands. We take into account things like your professionalism, activity and engagement on the platform. If you keep up a high standard with your influencing on TRIBE, we’ll do our best to make you SHINE BRIGHT like the star you are.


What causes my influencer rating to decrease?

Ratings show your real, holistic value to brands - not just your follower count or price. So, these types of behaviours are the main barriers to having a high rating:

- No recent submissions to TRIBE.

- Slow/no responses to a brand's feedback.

- Not keeping a post at the top of your feed for 5hrs and live for 30 days.

- Submitting content that wasn’t created by you.

- Ghost followers.

- Failing to post by a brand's scheduled time.

- Using 'comment pods'.

- Pitching, ie “Hey guys. I’m a food influencer who would like to work with your brand” rather than submitting a caption exactly as it will appear when published.

- Submitting pixelated or blurry content.


How can I increase my influencer rating?

Your rating is calculated every 6 hours, so while it won’t go up overnight, the best ways to improve your rating are to:

- Submit regularly to briefs on TRIBE

- Reply as quickly as possible to brands

- Publish scheduled posts on time

- Submit high quality, original content

- Eliminate any ghost followers from your accounts

- Have authentic ‘engagement’, meaning that the likes and comments on your posts come from across your entire follower base. Not just a repeat group or comment pod. 

Want my opinion on something? Find me in ‘chat with us’, I’ve got all the ins & outs on every brief so if you’ve got any questions, I’m your girl!


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