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Macro or Micro? Which Influencer is Right For You

While the influencer marketing industry is becoming less about celebrities and more about everyday people, macro and micro-influencers don’t have to work against each other – in fact, they can actually work together. 

Brands can utilize the benefits of both macro and micro-influencers to make the most of their marketing budget and strengthen their campaign strategy.

Here’s why combining macro and micro-influencers is a marketing match made in heaven…


It amplifies your existing PR

The technique of amplifying the message of macro ambassadors through voices of micro-influencers is perfect for generating massive PR. In fact, the Victorian Government used this untapped strategy to raise awareness for their ‘Don’t Leave Your Kids In Cars’ campaign with amazing results. Not only did it cut through the noise achieve and maximal impact – it actually broke Twitter.

Taking a two-pronged approach, the Victorian Government enlisted a top-tier celebrity to generate initial media interest in their ‘launch day’. They then enlisted 30 TRIBE micro-influencers to help authentically spread the campaign message to millions of combined followers. By joining the forces of macro and micro-influencers, they were able to tap into a huge pool of user-generated content and jumpstart virality for their campaign.


Micro-influencers create the perfect conditions for ‘virality’

Social media is like a pond – to create big ripples, you first need to make a splash. The bigger the initial splash, the bigger and further-reaching subsequent ripples will be. In other words, you can create the initial spark with PR and macro influencers, and use micro-influencers to spread the word like wildfire. 


Activating an army of influencers lets you achieve the ever-elusive ‘virality’ that all marketers crave – word of mouth, at scale.

And the larger the initial push from powerful sources, the more viral something will go. This is why a swiftly executed campaign combining both macro and micro-influencers will achieve exponential ripples of attention.


The larger the initial push from powerful sources, the more viral something will go. This is why a swiftly executed campaign combining both macro and micro-influencers will achieve exponential ripples of attention.


Authenticity is key

In comparison to traditional celebrity endorsements, using micro-influencers can be perceived as a riskier marketing method as it requires brands to relinquish control of how word spreads. But, putting micro-influencers in the driver’s seat actually results in better quality content, authentic recommendations and more genuine word-of-mouth marketing.

If brands are pushing influencers - macro, micro or celebrity - to make content that doesn’t align with their niche or audience base, it simply won’t work. Consumers are better at ignoring ads than ever before, and they can tell when an endorsement isn’t genuine.


We instead encourage brands to let go a little and give creators the power to produce stunning content. At the end of the day, they’re the experts: they know their strengths, they know their content and they know their audience.

Amplifying your celebrity endorsements through the mouths of everyday people using authentic, user-generated content is the newest marketing power-play.


Consumers trust other consumers

Statistics show that consumers trust recommendations from fellow customers more than any other marketing source. In fact, 82% of people say they're very likely to take the recommendation of an influencer they follow.


It’s no surprise that brands who activate micro-influencers experience such rapid growth – if you’re able to control how consumers perceive your brand in third-party environments such as social media, growth potential is exponential.

While celebrity endorsements and macro-influencers certainly have their merits, there’s no denying that micro-influencers are fast becoming a cornerstone to any digital marketing strategy. So why not have both?


Combine the two, and the sky’s the limit

A macro-influencer’s power lies in their reach, notoriety and the size of their following. 

Whereas the power of micro-influencers lies in their authentic recommendations, creative content and ground-up messaging.

Combine the two, and you have a holistic marketing strategy - authentic recommendations, beautiful content and genuine word-of-mouth marketing, at scale.

That’s the power of TRIBE. Want to learn how to leverage micro influencers in your marketing strategy?