Influencer Resources, Brand Resources By Olivia Doolan

Keeping the Comms in House

TRIBE is optimized to save YOU time.

From briefing, to shortlisting, to content licensing – everything is streamlined to help brands and influencers communicate more efficiently.

However, some users occasionally feel the need to take their communications outside of TRIBE, which breaches the terms and conditions we have in place to protect both parties.

Here’s why you don't need to take your comms off the TRIBE platform.

It's Safer

While it might seem easier to contact individual brands and influencers outside of the app, it also means that we can’t monitor content and communications to ensure transparency – leaving both parties at risk.

We also can’t make sure that influencers get paid for the work they do, or that brand safety isn’t compromised.

We Don't Want To Ban You

You'll risk being banned from the platform, and we hate doing that! We have a heap of T&Cs in place to protect all users, making TRIBE a secure and professional environment for everyone involved. So unfortunately, if you're found breaking our rules, you'll risk being banned. 

It's Easier

While it might seem easier to contact influencers individually or casually slide into a brand’s DM's, TRIBE makes it more efficient for creators and brands to connect and find the perfect partnership.

TRIBE streamlines all communications for both parties, allowing brands to easily manage feedback, content and approvals, and enabling influencers to seamlessly work with a large number of brands in a secure, mediated space. Win, win!

Jump into our T&C’s for a refresher of the do’s and don’ts of using TRIBE.