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iOS 14.5: How Brands Can Accelerate Their Reach With Branded Content

Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, with its increased level of user behaviour data protection, has caused concern for digital marketers.

Apple is upping privacy and data transparency for its users, requiring them to opt-in to data tracking. Digital marketers are concerned about this because without user behaviour data, among other things, targeted advertising becomes a lot harder.

Facebook believes “Apple’s proposed changes will limit your ability to effectively reach, understand and engage people on mobile devices, and across the web.”

It will undoubtedly make things more challenging, but iOS 14.5 can be seen as a positive thing for digital marketing. The way marketers use targeted advertising to reach customers will change. But, overall, it’s a significant step forward for online privacy and security. At TRIBE, we’ve got the same ethos, that privacy while online is essential.

App modal that asks a user to allow tracking

Brands and digital marketers will have to adjust their strategies

In an online world where everything’s constantly evolving, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s about changing your mindset from relying on users’ data to creating content that will speak to them as people rather than numbers. 

Now’s the time to lean into your content strategy and acknowledge the benefits of branded content. 

So what’s the difference between targeted ads and branded content? Marketing expert Craig Davis says: “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”


from Instagram featuring a bottle of whisky and the body of a person holding a glass of whiskey


Branded content strives to deliver something to the audience

It looks like other native posts in users’ home feeds, rather than being a targeted ad based on a user's location, or search history. 

Did you know?

Viewers of branded content are 62% more likely to show a positive action than viewers of 30-second ads. 

Plus, nearly half of all Americans use an ad blocker, rendering regular ads useless.

While it is subtle in its approach, Branded content engages the viewer, which is excellent news for your brand. It focuses on giving something to the audience, with the product mentioned almost as an afterthought. This could take the form of a beauty tutorial, skincare tips, or a cooking lesson. 

What’s most exciting is that branded content brings together the authentic look and feel of influencer content and turns it into an engaging branded ad. 


For authentic connections, look to influencer marketing

When working with influencers, brands have the opportunity to really connect with their targeted audience. By choosing the 'right' influencer and crafting great content, their audience will engage with your product.

In a sea of online content, you must find your specific niche on Instagram. Just ‘fitness’ or ‘beauty’ isn’t enough. For every hyper-specific corner of the internet, there’s always at least one creator making content for that audience. 

Influencers have already put in the time and effort to build an audience that engages with their online presence. Having them vouch for your brand, through sponsored posts, will give you a much more organic reach than regular branded content. You can leverage the influencer’s authentic connection with their audience, giving them personalised content they want to see.


nstagram branded content ad featuring a man's side profile holding a bottle of perfume to thier nose


Now that iOS 14.5 is halting tracking and targeted ads, finding creative ways to reach your audience is more critical than ever.

With hyper-targeting, brands felt confident they were reaching the right audiences. With the changes in iOS 14.5, digital marketers have less certainty around the audience of their posts. 

We know that influencer marketing is a tried and tested method for growing a brand on social media. A whopping 63% of 18-34 year olds trust what influencers say about brands more than what brands say about themselves. 

And, by leaning on an influencer’s connections, your branded ads can tell your brand story through the reach of an influencer’s social voice.

Put simply; branded content ads have the power to build long-lasting relationships with your consumers.


It’s this long-term brand recognition that will build loyalty, credibility and the likelihood that consumers will stick with you throughout their buying journey. 


Choose the right influencers

Influencers have invested time and energy into building a highly engaged audience who trust them and are likely to follow their lead. Micro-influencers, those with a following under 100,000, can be more effective advocates for your brand than celebrities or mega influencers. A smaller audience means they’re more engaged and interested in a specific niche, but it’s all about finding the right ones.


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