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Up Your Social Game with Stories And Carousels

TRIBE creators have made millions just by posting about their favourite products on Instagram. But are you utilising Stories and Carousels to make the most $$ you can make?!

Here are a few reasons to get crafty with Instagram's Stories and Carousels:



There’s more opportunity to get real on Stories; the content doesn’t have to be as highly curated as your feed. Plus, followers appreciate when you share authentic posts with them. 

You can use Stories to create ‘behind the scenes’ footage or videos while Carousels can be used to show before and after shots, generating a creative narrative.



A lot of content creators are really proud of their feeds. This is where you’ll generally post the cream of the crop – your very best content. You probably have a certain aesthetic or style that you use, which may not always fit with every type of post you need to create. This is where Stories come in. 

Because Story posts only stay live for 24 hours, you can still create high quality sponsored content for brands you love, without having it permanently posted onto your feed. It's a win-win, we say!



Lookin' to change it up!? With Stories you can make use of fun features like Music, Polls, Questions and Countdowns to jazz up your posts and encourage your followers to interact with you. You can get creative with Carousel posts too, uploading several pics or vids at once to more effectively tell a story.

We recently spoke to fitness influencer Danny Kennedy who finds that his Stories generate up to 10x as much engagement as his feed posts. Wowsers!


“Stories are the most engaging part
of my platform on Instagram.” 

Many content creators like Danny find that Stories experience greater engagement than in-feed posts, which is why they’re using them more often.


Many creators like Danny find that Stories experience greater engagement than feed posts, which is why they use them more often.

It's easy to create Stories and Carousels with TRIBE

If you’ve been using TRIBE for a while now, you might notice that we’ve updated our content submission process so it’s super simple to upload Story and Carousel posts. Woohoo! 

(If you’re new around here, hiiiiii! You’re going to L.O.V.E how easy it is to collaborate with brands you love on Stories and Carousels!)



When you’re submitting a post, it's easy to pick the content type you’d like to upload. Select Story, Carousel, video or post; and you can then include all of your frames in the one submission. Boom!



You can easily add notes to each frame of your submission. Brands are then able to easily reference frames in their feedback! This makes it way easier to make fixes and increase your chance of an approval!



Because it’s so easy for brands to view and approve Stories and Carousel posts, they’ll be excited to receive high quality, varied content from you. Stories and Carousels can set you apart from other content submissions. 

Don’t be limited to just feed posts—engage your followers and maximise your potential by trying out Stories and Carousel posts with TRIBE.


Ready to give it a shot?

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