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How To Become An Influencer Full-Time

Want to ditch your day job to do something you love? Truth is, you might already have the answer.

We’re talking about your social accounts - if you have 3k followers or more on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can turn this into an income. You could even ditch your day job and make a full-time living out of being a social media influencer.

Here’s 6 simple steps: 

Step 1: Choose A Budget To Suit
Your Lifestyle

Draw up a table with two columns. Fill one side of the column with 'Needs' - the stuff you can't live without. For example, rent, food, nutella (obvs) etc. 

Fill the other side with your 'Wants' - the stuff you could live without, but would have in an ideal world. Like beer on tap.

@citizensoftheworld for Pure Blonde

Why are we doing this? No, we aren't expanding into finance. You now know the monthly budget you need to survive, which means you can strive to live a life free from the 9-5 grind - all you need is the monthly 'needs' budget. 

Now it doesn't seem THAT scary to leave your job and go influence full-time, does it? Just sayin'.

Step 2: Define A Value For Your Sponsored Posts

If you've never earned cash from your social media before, it can be hard to put a value on yourself.

In the TRIBE app, you'll find ballpark rates you can earn per social post, making it easier to name your price. 

Remember not to undercut yourself. You work hard on your content, so stick to your rate and let the brands make the decision from there!

TRIBE Rate Card

Step 3: How Many Posts Do You
Need To Fund Your Lifestyle?

Let’s say you have 30k followers on Insta, you’re a brunch enthusiast and need around $4K per month to live. This means you’re in the $400 range per post. 

According to our calculations, you only need 10 posts per month to make ends meet. Good lord, that’s only one every 3 days... cheers to that!


Step 4: download the app

You can find us in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

Download the TRIBE app, create an account and start browsing categories you or your followers love - 'food & drink', 'travel', and so on.

There are plenty of brands looking for killer content, so you won’t need to branch out into anything that doesn't feel authentic. Always be mindful that your audience trusts you, so if you get too carried away with sponsored content, they might unfollow. Keep a balance.

Next, select a campaign, read the brief and if the stars align, it’s time to get started! 

At this point, it’s up to you to create a post and submit it to the campaign.
The beauty of TRIBE is you don’t need to contact the brand beforehand - anyone can submit a sponsored post on the app. You’re all on a level playing field, no matter how many followers, so let your content do the talking.


Step 5: Create And Submit Your Original Content!

Get snappin’. There are loads of campaigns in the TRIBE app, so select the products you already use and love.

Maybe there are brands you haven’t trialled yet that you’re happy to purchase and submit content for. Take, for example, this campaign brief from Chandon.

Ferrero Rocher TRIBE App

Pop the cork on that Chandon bottle and create content matching the brief’s requirements. Click ‘CREATE POST’, write a caption, and upload your pic. 

If there’s anything to remember, it’s to be yourself. Apply your own flair and take some risks. Just avoid being like Brand Power.

Now the brand will (fingers crossed) approve your post, or ‘SUGGEST CHANGES', which means you can chat with them and make revisions. If approved, post the content to your socials within 48 hours, and we'll process your fee within 2 days of posting.

If you’re not approved for the campaign, don’t be disheartened! No one on TRIBE has a 100% win rate - all you’ve got to do is seek out some feedback and keep at it.  


Step 6: Plan Your Next Post

Remember, you’re doing this brand influencer thing full-time now. No slackin’.
The most successful creators on TRIBE spend at least a day planning and creating each post, so don’t go thinking it’s gonna be netflix all day e’ryday. 

The truth is, as well as helping you do what you love full-time, being a creator with TRIBE is pretty fun too. This makes it easy to start crafting more posts more often.

And you couldn’t have picked a better time to learn how to become an Instagram influencer - never before have brands been so hungry for influencers to recommend their product

If you know how to make valuable content for both your audience and a brand, you'll be earning cash quicker than you can count it!

Download the TRIBE app below to see just how easy that career change can be:

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