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How to Make a Living from Being a Foodie

You’re a foodie, and that’s that.

You eat out at every opportunity. Food is your passion and it’s a bloody good life. The only tough bit is paying for everything. It’s money well spent, but cash can be elusive at times. 

You’ve got a good eye (and good taste) and you always share with the Instafam what beautifully crafted food you’re having. 

And people seem to like you for it. You pride yourself on taking good quality pics with your iPhone, and people you don’t even know have started following you.

Every now and then the thought occurs to you that you could probably make money off that last one, because damn it looked good.

Well actually, now you can.

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Here's The (Ice-Cream) Scoop:

Turns out if you have more than 3k followers you're a 'micro influencer', meaning you can make money from your foodgrams. Businesses will pay good money to have you endorse their food and drink to your fans.

All you need to do is jump into the TRIBE app, click on the ‘Food & Beverage’ category and find a campaign that suits you. From there, read the brief and submit your sponsored post on the app. If approved, publish to your social feed and get paid.

Living the foodie life while making money from your socials is absolute life goals. Being a TRIBE influencer gives you that power. Praise be to technology.

So whether you're a top food blogger like @sugaretal, a #foodgram specialist or just someone who enjoys a good feed, check out who you could be endorsing right now on the TRIBE app.  

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