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A Beauty Influencer Fireside with TRIBE Founder, Jules Lund

Instagram has changed the way people shop. Consumers are now looking to beauty influencers for recommendations and expertise. Join TRIBE Founder, Jules Lund as he hosts this insightful session alongside:

• Rachel Tay, Facebook
• Ashley Schuberg, (@miss_gunner)
• Ramon Israel, (@ramonisrael)



• Why authenticity is the key to a successful brand/creator partnership in influencer marketing. Brands need to trust the creative process of influencers to get the best results, as they know their audience best.

• How building a long term collaborative relationship between brands and influencers is beneficial to both parties. When a brand finds a creator that is aligned with their branding, they can leverage their expertise to find unique ways to broadcast the brand’s USP to the world.

• The importance of highlighting both the brand and the product in Branded Content Ads, and how when used in combination with ads from your brand’s account drive incremental purchases 80% of the time.

While the focus is on beauty products, the panel also cites real-world examples from brands such as Bose, Sunbeam, Rimmel and Dr Teals. Make sure you watch to the end, as Ramon gets a real-time delivery from one of his brand partners!