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7 Content Creation Tips to Master Video

We don’t need to tell you video is king right now. Across every social media platform, short-form videos are overperforming and as a creator, you should be diving right in. 

Here are some tips to help elevate your videos and build your audience in the process.


Content creation tips to help you stand out


One of the best things about being a creator is throwing all your ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. Make this year your year of experimentation — step outside your comfort zone and try new styles. Some video ideas you can test out include:


Day-in-the-life vlogs


happy monday everyone! i hope you’re all having a great start to your week 🫶🏼🌿 #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning #morningroutine #productiveday #productivemorningroutine #productive #vlog #dayinmylife #morningvlog morning in my life morning vlog monday have a productive day with me monday motivation

♬ save your tears sped up - autumn <3


Recipe sharing


Shopping / try-on hauls





longboard dancing • being alone

♬ original sound - eli


Try shooting videos in some of these styles and see what your followers respond to! 



Yes, you can edit short-form videos within social apps themselves. But if you want a more polished result or need to get more technical with your edits, you’re better off downloading video editing or shooting apps to create your content.

Everyone has their favourite, so play around with some popular apps to determine which you like best. We recommend Adobe Rush, CapCut, InShot and Funimate.

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Gone are the days of taking yourself too seriously on social media. Videos that show off your personality stand out and keep viewers watching.

What distinguishes you from other creators? Lean into your unique personality to create videos that stop people in their scrolling tracks.



You already know the power of using trending audio. But it’s also important to be mindful of audio levels in your videos. This is particularly true if your video features commentary as well as background music. You don’t want what you’re saying to be drowned out by a Meghan Trainor song. And you don’t want your music to be too quiet, either.

Always watch your videos once or twice before hitting publish to catch any audio issues.



Anyone who’s scrolled through TikTok and Insta knows you only watch a small portion of videos that make it to your home feed. That’s why it’s essential to start every video with a hook. Your viewers need a reason to watch until the end, and that reason needs to be set within the first three seconds. Establish what users will take away from your video from the get-go and they’ll be more likely to watch the whole thing.




The comment section plays a major role in how app algorithms rank your videos. The more comments you get, the better your video will perform. Give your viewers a reason to reply! Ask questions or request feedback and advice. The more you can engage your audience, the more likely they’ll be to comment.



If you’re not using Instagram and TikTok’s built-in analytics software, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to shape your content. See which videos are the most successful and use that knowledge to replicate them. Of course, you still want to switch up your content, but you can use analytics to inform future experimentation. 

Want to know more about your TikTok analytics? Check out this post, where we dig into the details.


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