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4 of the Top-Performing Brands on TikTok

TikTok is often described as the ‘relaxed’, ‘laid back’ social media platform that loves helping small businesses get started. Why? Because brands have the much-loved freedom to have some fun with their content. While other social media platforms are known for their glossy, polished content, TikTok is praised for bringing a more down-to-earth, authentic feel to brand marketing. 

But having spent years perfecting the culture of ‘polished’ social media content, it’s not always easy knowing how to strike that feeling of authenticity, but it’s important because that’s what resonates so strongly with TikTok users. 

Here are our top four picks of brands nailing their TikTok marketing strategy. We hope they’ll provide you with some inspiration.


How did these 4 TikTok brands nail their marketing?


Ryanair was one of the first TikTok brands to gain a huge following. In fact, the page became so popular that the original TikTok admin for the account has since broken away from the company to go solo. 

They pride themselves on being the first page to use the ‘I’m lost’ effect on TikTok, which allows them to put a human face over photos and videos of Ryanair planes. The brand has adopted a tongue-in-cheek approach to their TikTok account. For instance, when users have criticised Ryanair flights, they’ll respond directly, making fun of how customers will always complain yet will keep coming back.



We know what you're thinking: how did a language education app rack up an impressive 5.2 million followers on TikTok?

Their content isn’t always language-focused. Instead, their principal strategy for engaging users on the platform has been through people dressing up as the well-known Duolingo green owl mascot – and it works. They also love to play off of the latest discussions and trends on TikTok to grab users’ attention. Not to mention, they’re collaborative. They meet up with beloved TikTok influencers to produce collab content, allowing them to tap into the communities these TikTokkers have built over the years. 

But most of all, they keep things authentic by staying engaged and consistently replying to commenters. When they do, they maintain a very authentic and grounded tone of voice, reminding their followers there are real people behind the account.



Jack Wills has perfected their TikTok influencer marketing strategy. Several times a year, they scoop up some of the most popular British TikTokkers and put them together in one house — in the UK, Ibiza, or at ski resorts dotting the globe. During these TikTok creator getaways, the engagement on the Jack Wills TikTok page spikes exponentially, but the marketing benefits don’t stop there. 

Each of the TikTokkers on the trip post to their own accounts while they’re away, whether it’s part of a paid partnership or even just some fun organic content with their TikTokker friends — all while wearing Jack Wills clothing, of course.

Fans of these TikTokkers have become familiar with the Jack Wills branded getaways and look forward to the content that comes out of them, year in and year out.

@jackwills Heres to our JW Ski 2022 family 🫶❄️ @George @Joseppi Baggzelini @Grace @Mariam @Max_Balegde @coleandersonj @bambinobecky @georgeclarkeey @yourboymoyo @maddiegracejepson #JWSkiSZN #JackWills ♬ original sound - Jack Wills



The primary type of content that Fenty Beauty shares on its TikTok account are reposts from influencers. When a popular makeup or beauty content creator shares a video using Fenty Beauty products, they’ll reshare it on their account. And because content creators want to be featured on the Fenty Beauty account, this gives them the incentive to buy and create content using Fenty products.

Naturally, engagement spikes when Fenty Beauty founder Rihanna makes an appearance on the page. Why? Because users and customers love seeing their favourite faces creating authentic content. For their own organic content, the brand will often create ASMR videos — a type of content that’s popular on TikTok for its relaxing and satisfying nature.

@fentybeauty It's the satisfying way #INVISIMATTE blurs the pores for us 😮‍💨 Catch @Amanda 💕 reaching for that VIRAL holy grail setting + blotting powder daily just for those #ASMR ♬ original sound - Fenty Beauty


How can TikTok brands grow their presence in 2023?

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