An end-to-end platform designed to streamline how you discover creators, run campaigns and measure your ROI


80,000+ opt-in, talented and diverse creators, who come to you

Sick of trawling through search databases and never getting a response? TRIBE's engaged community of creators are matched to your brand, audience and objectives.


Or... bring your own community

Already working with creators? Import them into custom Brand-Fans Groups and start running campaigns immediately.


Leverage AI to instantly discover high-performing creators.

TRIBE’s proprietary artificial intelligence score - BrandMatch AI - will transform your campaign’s performance by instantly identifying which creators to enlist based on your needs.

BrandMatch AI in the TRIBE platform


99 problems but the pitch ain’t one

Launch a campaign and watch your inbox fill with creators excited to work with you.

They’ll pitch their ideas, tailored to your brief, giving you a sense of the content you’ll receive before making any commitments.


Work smarter, not harder with tools to automate the tasks you hate

Seamlessly manage 100's of creators in one place. Our platform has your comms, product sampling, content approvals, legals and payments sorted.


Everything you need to make data-driven decisions

Get the information you need upfront with first-party, real-time creator metrics. See audience demographics and estimated performance data direct from Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest APIs.


Trust in our Brand Safety technology

Upon connection and 4 times a day every day, each creator passes TRIBE’s proprietary AVS system to ensure you’re only connected with authentic creators with real audiences.


License quality branded content whenever you need it

With every campaign you run, your branded Content Library grows. License the content you love for your website, billboard ads, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.


An expert team with you every step of the way.

Discover how TRIBE’s combination of Tech + Team works.



Measure your ROI with performance data direct from TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest

Discover your top-performing creators with first-party, in-depth performance metrics and audience breakdowns.


Boost your organic activity to enhance ROI by driving sales, awareness and traffic

Combine the power of user-generated content with the sophisticated ad targeting tools of TikTok, Meta and Pinterest or tap into TRIBE’s media experts to run your creator paid media strategy.

creator ads

An expert team to help you set and meet your objectives

TRIBE’s Customer Success team will help you set, track and measure the performance of your creator strategy. See your results measured against industry benchmarks.

TRIBE campaign builder
TRIBE inbox
TRIBE content approval
TRIBE platform measure
Boost content

How to run a campaign

Create a brief in minutes with our 5-step Campaign Builder. Describe the content you want and target specific creators & audiences.
TRIBE campaign builder
Discover creative pitches from creators who genuinely want to be a part of your community.
TRIBE inbox
Approve your favourites and our influencers will post it to their Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, reaching thousands.
TRIBE content approval
Review what performed with our platform’s first-party data and social media analytics.
TRIBE platform measure
Purchase the rights to your best-performing content and boost it to a precise audience of your choice.
Boost content

TRIBE allows the right talent to come to us, with boxes already ticked, which when you're trying to move at speed is a huge win

Danny Clayton | Global Head of Social Media & Influencer Marketing - UE Pro

ultimate ears

The influencers are pros. From production quality to star power & ways to increase engagement, they take campaigns to the next level

Jessica Bernard | Marketing Analyst, Adult Hydration

kraft heinz

It was phenomenal to see how such a low investment in a new product was able to drive such an amazing uplift in sales.

Siobhan Wend | PR Adviser

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