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Why It Makes Sense to Buy the Product Before Creating

Here at TRIBE, we do things a little differently.

It’s no secret that being an influencer can be complicated and time-consuming: you gotta wait to be approached by a brand, negotiate a price, exchange info and product, create content, review and revise, THEN finally post – all before getting paid a cent!

As soon as influencers began questioning the status quo… TRIBE proved to be the answer.

A one-stop-shop for creators and brands alike, TRIBE streamlines the influencer process by directly connecting you with brands to inspire stunning, authentic content – fast.

What used to take weeks or even months now takes only minutes, while giving you more creative freedom and control over your content than ever before.

By creating content with products you buy yourself (or probably already have at home!), you can spend less time waitin’ and more time creatin’ – while STILL getting paid to promote your fave brands! It's a win-win.

Here’s why TRIBE is the new Holy Grail for influencers...

It's authentic

We believe that influencer marketing is all about authenticity. If you don't already have the product, we encourage our influencers to buy and try the products they’re planning to promote, generating genuine content and real recommendations for the brands they already use and love.

An audience can tell when a testimonial isn’t legit; and by promoting products you don’t believe in, you risk losing trust, credibility and even your following.

We help you get paid to recommend brands you already rate, rather than recommending a product just to get paid. No more pedalling products for brands you’re not sold on, or waiting for your fave brands to approach you!


Just as influencers should stay true to who they are, brands shouldn’t ask influencers to promote their products – they should let the right influencers to come to them. At TRIBE, authentic content will always get the authen-tick of approval!

It's fair

In the past, brands were under the impression that an influencer's value and follower count were one of the same. Popular influencers would get deals by default, and better, lesser-known creators would fall by the wayside.

Brands are now realizing that being paid to hold up a product is nowhere near as effective as authentic, user-generated recommendations. Creative, quality content is finally becoming more valuable than popularity!

On the TRIBE app, all influencers – whether they have 3k, 20k, or 100k followers – are on the same playing field. If you’re creating high-quality content, staying true to who you are and recommending the brands you love – you’re in the game. May the best creator win!

It's easy

Any influencer with 3000+ followers can create and submit content to a TRIBE campaign. You simply need to follow the brief, create your content, and name your price; and brands will then approve, decline or provide feedback where needed.  

TRIBE streamlines communication and eliminates the need for negotiation, while giving influencers full creative control and simplifying a previously over-complicated process. No hassle, just hustle! 


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