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Industry News for Australian Creators: Updated Code for Therapeutic Goods

Earlier this year you might have seen articles like this one with updated regulations around the promotion of Therapeutic Goods in Influencer Marketing.



TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) updated their code, regulating the promotions of products including "some skincare, sunscreens, protein powders, vitamins, supplements, skincare for acne, medicines, and skin lightening products..."

The Department of Health has a great definition and states Therapeutic: is used to prevent, diagnose or treat a disease or its symptoms, or affect the structure or functions of the human body.

From the 1st of July 2022, all promotional content on your socials for Therapeutic Goods must be free from any personal testimonials. This also includes all of your past content.


three example influencer posts showing therapeutic goods



Go through the posts on your account, making sure to archive all paid testimonials for qualifying TGA products. If you’re ever unsure - just ask yourself: "Is this post claiming an outcome or results about a therapeutic good?"

Still on the fence? We suggest you steer on the side of caution and archive or delete anything you've posted historically that you're uncertain about. With the updated code, it’s easy to be scared about the opportunities in the beauty and health area -  but you shouldn’t be!

Influencer marketing is still one of the most sought-after advertising methods, so brands will shift their content requirements to be in line with the code. And all of TRIBE's briefs will be clear and direct, to ensure your content aligns to the brands' needs and is well within the boundaries of the updated code.

Simple as that 👌