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What the FAQ? All You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a powerful form of online marketing where brands collaborate with influential Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube users to make authentic recommendations about the brands that they already use and love. 


What is a Micro-Influencer?

We classify a micro-influencer as someone with 3,000+ followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. They are simply everyday people with a particular interest or niche, who are passionate about creating content and promoting products they believe in. Micro-influencers allow small businesses to generate greater engagement and authentic, user-generated content for only a fraction of the cost.


How do I find the right influencers for my brand?

TRIBE is an influencer marketplace, designed specifically for variety and scale. We’ve cultivated a pool of diverse and talented creators, to give you the best opportunity of finding the right influencer for your brand.

With TRIBE, influencers will browse your campaign, create the content and submit to your brief. You can then view the submissions to assess which posts and influencers best fit your campaign, and purchase the posts you love. If you want to know if an influencer is right for your business, you can simply click through to their social feed to get a better idea of their tone of voice, engagement and brand-fit.


What type of content can i expect from influencers?

TRIBE influencers are renowned for producing beautifully-crafted content, on-brand, on demand. But, it’s up to you to inspire them! You get out what you put in, so it’s important to be clear about what it is that you expect from our influencers so they can put their creativity to work. You can request anything you like: pics, clips, boomerangs, stop-motion vids, illustrations – even latte art! The sky’s the limit.


How much do influencers cost?

Influencers don’t publicly disclose how much they charge for their sponsored posts, just as businesses don’t openly promote their marketing budgets. But, here are TRIBE's ballpark figures of what brands can expect to pay per post, relative to an influencer’s following:


US Rate Card


While this price guide can be helpful, a lot of factors contribute to how much a post is worth: engagement rate, an influencer’s rating, the quality of the content, how long it took to create, etc. Plus, micro-influencers with smaller audiences can actually lead to more potent engagement!

How do I incorporate Influencers Into my own content strategy?

As a small business, there’s barely enough hours in the day to keep ‘business as usual’ - let alone run marketing campaigns and consistently create fresh online content. With influencer marketing, you turn your customers into your creators and let them do your marketing for you!

TRIBE provides small businesses with a pipeline of fresh, branded content to integrate into their existing social marketing strategy, giving you one less thing to worry about while keeping you up to speed with social media’s high turnover and demand.


How safe is influencer marketing?

At TRIBE, we are committed to ensuring a completely safe and secure user experience. Our content-upfront model ensures that brands are able to assess the content quality and influencers prior to finalising the collaboration.

Our influencers each have an individual rating based on the quality of their content, their followers, and their social engagement to calculate the expected impact they may have on your brand or business. This is to make sure you have all the information before choosing an influencer to represent your brand or business.