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Branded Content Ads: A Groundbreaking Way To Work With Creators

TRIBE founder Jules Lund recently caught up with Douugh’s Digital Marketing Manager, Tom Fogarty, to reveal an innovative way to work with Creators. All revealed in this short video:


Douugh is a purpose-led fintech company on a mission to help customers autonomously manage and grow their money to live financially healthier lives. They teamed up with TRIBE and the team at Facebook/Instagram to test a new pilot program called Creator+.

As Tom says:

“The real beauty with influencer marketing is that a message coming from an influencer is far more believable than coming from a brand.”



Teaming up with Creators to amplify posts, otherwise known as Branded Content Ads, is a great way for businesses to find new customers authentically. That was the focus of the campaign with Douugh.


Tom believes:

Branded Content Ads have transformed what is traditionally considered a brand play into a conversion driver. We've now got all the capabilities of the prospecting campaigns, but for influencer campaigns, we're no longer limited with targeting and optimisation.”



In this short video, Tom and Jules explore these concepts and how Douugh tested a new way of sourcing content ideas, utilising the new Creator+ concept. 

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