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Here’s What’s Trending on TikTok Right Now

TikTok is ever changing. Sometimes, the hottest audios and trends from last month are old news, making way for new trends, viral dances and a whole new level of creativity. Unless you’re keeping a close eye on your FYP, it can be tricky to keep track of everything that’s trending on the app. So we’ve gone ahead and done it for you. 

Here’s a list of what’s trending on TikTok right now and how you can jump on the viral bandwagon to build your brand.


What's trending on TikTok right now?

“In 2022 I will…”

Everyone loves a good roulette filter, and ‘In 2022 I will…’ is one of the best we’ve seen so far. Sure, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously, but right now, as everyone is planning for the year ahead (and hoping it’s slightly better than the last), this filter is going gangbusters on TikTok.

When you use the filter, a rectangular message bubble will pop up over your head, designed to look a lot like an iPhone message notification.

Some of the results include ‘getting a dog’, ‘finding true love’, ‘becoming famous’, or ‘getting 100,000 followers’. It’s a fun, throwaway trend, but it could be a good one to jump on, then revisit at the end of the year with a duet if the prediction has come true.





While Veganuary — eating only vegan food during January — isn’t a TikTok-exclusive trend, many people are sharing their journey on TikTok this year. The hashtag, which has 377M views so far, is full of vegan recipes, cooking hacks, shopping tips and a lot of inspiration to keep the challenge going. 

If you’re participating in Veganuary this year, it’s the perfect time to share your journey on TikTok.





There’s nothing like a good lip sync, especially when you can take it and apply it to any possible situation. 

For this trend, people call out others who don’t know how to act in a particular scenario or are totally out of their depth by miming along with audio saying, ‘Are you new here?’

Our favourite has to be the girl dressed up like a Christmas tree, confronting her brother’s girlfriend who didn’t dress up for the holiday.




“I gotta put me first.” 

The premise of this trend is simple: users are (finally) learning to put themselves first. The audio comes from a scene in the TV show Empire, where Cookie says tearfully, ‘I gotta put me first’. Creators are lip-syncing to the audio and using on-screen text to apply it to different situations.

Some of the best ones we’ve seen include, ‘When you post a pic with your friends that they hated, but YOU look good’ and ‘Me declining someone’s FaceTime when I’m fully free’.




The outline self-portrait filter

There’s a new effect on TikTok which lets Creators draw on the screen while filming a video, and of course, it’s given birth to a brand new trend: The Outline Self-Portrait. 

It’s pretty easy to emulate: just turn on the filter, start filming using the selfie camera, and try to outline your face. If you’re artistic, you might end up with a beautiful portrait. And if not, at least it’ll be funny.




“It must be nice”

This is a super simple trend that you can apply to anything in your life. It’s an audio track of smooth instrumental music, with a voiceover saying, ‘It must be nice’. The original video was made by a Creator reacting to another TikTok of a couple in love. 

Most Creators use it to make fun of themselves, addressing people who have it easy. Like the guy who jumped on the trend, adding text saying, ‘When you have to watch your GF be a stay at home mom while you work.’

Other Creators are using the audio sincerely, showing off the good things in their life like new babies, younger siblings, and delicious meals.




Fruit roll ups

There’s always at least one food-related trend making waves on TikTok at any given moment, from baked feta pasta to air-fryer Oreos. This trend is just as nostalgic as it is sweet, throwing back to one of our fave childhood snacks.

It started when Creators started freezing their roll ups, snapping them into pieces and eating them like potato chips. From there, some Creators started putting their own spin on things by layering different flavours or adding toppings. 

How can you take frozen roll ups to the next level?




5,000 character personality test

This online test has been making its way around the internet for a few years now, but it’s really having a moment on TikTok right now. It’s a free, 23-question personality test with over 5,000 possible results. 

Users take the test and are told which fictional TV and movie characters they’re most like, with similarity percentages. It’s a pretty cool test, and people are taking to TikTok to share their results, and just how much they agree. 

Not only is it an easy trend to jump on, but it’s also super fun to see which characters you’re most like. To take the test go to, then screenshot your answers and share on TikTok using the Green Screen effect. 


@amb.nicole8596 the range in this is incredible LMAO #enfp #personalitytest ♬ original sound - .



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