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6 Pinterest Trends Influencers Should Look Out For In 2023

Whether we like it or not, social media algorithms are always changing. For creators that want to grow their audience and work with brands, it’s important to keep up with the latest features of each platform as well as the trends.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research into what Pinterest has up its sleeve for 2023, so there won’t be anything to catch you off guard. Adding these trends to your Pinterest strategy for the coming year will help you get ahead and take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.


What are the Pinterest trends of 2023?

More focus on international markets

Up until now, most of the advertising opportunities on Pinterest have been limited to the US and Canada. As a result, most of Pinterest’s revenue comes from North America. 

Naturally, the platform is eager to expand globally, creating more ad opportunities within the international market. This is a great opportunity for non-US-based influencers to make a name for themselves on the platform, growing their page alongside Pinterest’s user base.


New technology 

The future is officially here. Pinterest is looking to incorporate more AR tools and creative display tech into the platform, meaning that you’ll get the chance to show off your pins in 3D. And while this isn’t a trend per se, these new features will really allow influencers to flex their creativity and make some unique pins that stand out from the rest of the feeds. 

Fashion and home decor content creators should be especially excited about this one, but even if you’re outside of these niches, you should try to find a way to incorporate these tools into your content. Don’t be scared to experiment. We all know that these platforms like to push their new features, so it’s likely Pinterest will prioritise posts that are using this new tech. Get in there early and watch your engagement flourish.




Live shopping

We’ve seen the success of live shopping on TikTok and Instagram. Now it’s Pinterest’s turn. We know brands will be keen to jump on board the live shopping train, so be sure to get yourself in front of them for the chance to work on their branded live streams. They'll want to work with creators who have a super-engaged audience and high selling power, so in the meantime, work on upping your follower count to catch their attention.


Better search and discovery

Many users are coming straight to Pinterest to find what they need on the internet, including recipes, outfit ideas, interior decor inspo etc. This means Pinterest is always working on new tools and ways to improve the search experience on their platform. 

To take advantage of these search improvements, optimising your Pins with keywords and tags is essential. This way, when someone searches for content within your niche, your page will be much more likely to pop up on their feed.




Pushing fresh content

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest will be looking to prioritise fresh and original content in 2023. If Pinterest hasn’t seen the content yet, it’ll be far more likely to do well than a piece of content that’s been ‘recycled’ (a.k.a. saved and re-uploaded or reposted).

If you’re looking to build a bigger community on Pinterest this year, make sure you regularly post original content.


Rewarding active users

Pinterest doesn’t just push content based on the quality of the Pin, but also the Pinner. They want their users to see recent content from Pinners that are consistent on the platform and engage with their community. In the new year, look to post consistently and engage with other users by commenting on their Pins and repinning content that you love.




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