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The Rise of the ‘Granfluencer’: Meet the Senior Stars of TikTok

There’s a widespread perception that TikTok is purely an app for teens doing dances and trending challenges but the surprising truth is the average user age of the platform skews much older. In 2021, 36% of TikTok users were between 35 and 54 years of age. That’s pretty impressive for an app that’s often labelled as the virtual playground for Gen Z.

Anyone who uses the platform daily knows that one of the best things about TikTok is its welcoming vibe. Thanks to its hyper-specific algorithm, it’s easy for users to find their niche on the app, whether they’re a Creator or passive viewer. So there’s no surprise that we're seeing older people make awesome TikTok content that’s taking off.

There are an increasing number of accounts on the app that belong to users aged 60 and older — cutely labelled “granfluencers” — who have amassed millions of followers and likes.


Here are 8 granfluencers you should know

Barbara Costello, aka @brunchwithbabs

This 72-year-old grandmother of 8 is beloved by nearly 2 million followers for her cooking videos — and even recently released a cookbook based on her TikTok fame! She also shares a healthy amount of home hacks and living tips — the kind of things you hear from your own grandma when you go around for a cup of tea.

@brunchwithbabs Bab's Brownie Hack 🍫 1 box brownie mix (Ghiradelli's preferred). Make according to package directions. 2 large candy bars (I use Symphony). Into a prepared pan pour half the brownie mix. Place candy bars on top and then pour the remaining brownie mix on top Cook per directions on box. #brownies #browniehack ♬ original sound - Babs aka Nonna


Robert Reeves, Mick Peterson, Bill Lyons, and Jessay Martin, aka @oldgays

The Old Gays use their TikTok like many other people on your FYP: doing trending dances, transformations, skits, and everything else under the sun. They’ve got a whopping 7 million followers and are kind of like an older (and more likeable) hype house.


Baby Booming 💁‍♀️

♬ original sound - jjustindanehower



Follow this account for a daily dose of positivity and motivation. Calling all her followers her “beautiful friends”, Grandma Great’s videos are encouraging messages about love, kindness, positivity, and believing in yourself. Keep an eye out for her husband, who occasionally cameos in her wholesome videos.


Erika Rischko aka @erikarischko

There is no shortage of fitness-focused accounts on TikTok, but it’s rare to find one run by an 82-year-old, right? Erika shares workouts and funny trend-based videos, all intending to inspire people of all ages to enjoy fitness. She started her fitness journey at the relatively “late” age of 55, serving as a welcomed reminder that you can find new passions and goals at every age.


Grandad Joe aka @grandadjoe1933

Joe went viral during the beginning of the pandemic and has kept up the stellar content ever since. He started out sharing videos of trending dances and his day-to-day life as a senior during lockdowns and now creates all types of wholesome and hilarious content - the kind you never knew you needed.


You all hype me up when i show this photo so here it is again ☺️😂

♬ so delicious - afrotitan


Grandpa Chan, aka @grandpachan

Two Korean grandparents started this account to keep in touch with and entertain their grandkids. Now they have over 2 million followers! Their whole schtick is learning and performing viral dances, and it’s genuinely impossible to watch their content without a smile on your face.


Lynja aka @cookingwithlynja

Considering she’s got nearly 12 million followers, it’s safe to say that Lynja totally understood the assignment when it came to cooking up click-worthy content for TikTok. Most of her videos are recipes that are shot in a fun and engaging way that jumps off the screen. Even if you don’t like cooking, we can guarantee you'll love Lynja's videos.


Lagetta Wayne aka @msgrandmasgarden

This sweet grandma next door begins every video with “Welcome to Grandma’s garden, come on in!” She shares gardening tips and cooking content, so the exact kind of stuff you’d want to see your own nan creating. She’s loving, comforting, and the exact type of content we all need to follow.



Granfluencers are a reminder that every person, no matter their age, can be out there making content. In fact, it’s a breath of fresh air to see every walk of life represented on TikTok.

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