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4 Trends Pinterest Is Predicting for 2023

As most influencers and content creators will know, a huge part of the job is staying on top of social media trends: whether that’s in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, or any other niche.

Although it’s not easy trying to keep up with the latest social media trends—especially when they can change pretty quickly—doing so is incredibly important for building a strong and engaged community. 

But what if you knew what was about to trend before it happened? Well, maybe you can.

Each year, Pinterest puts together Pinterest Predicts: a ‘not-yet-trending’ report that lays out which trends will emerge over the coming year. While many influencers and magazines do their best to predict what will trend each year it isn’t often very accurate. Pinterest Predicts, however, bases their trend predictions on months worth of data, which is why they’re 80% accurate. Pretty good outcome, we say!

So let’s take a look at some of the social media trend predictions they’ve come up with for 2023 and how you can tap into them for your own content. 


4 Pinterest predictions for 2023


We’re floating our way into 2023 with this upcoming fashion trend. According to Pinterest Predicts, Gen Z and Millennials are about to enter their femme era featuring lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer galore. Searches for ‘shimmery dress’ are up by 365% while ‘Lace top long sleeve’ has surged by 225%.

airy styles trend

How to take advantage of this trend?

If you’re a fashion blogger or influencer, consider working these looks into your content. ‘The best shimmery dress’ or ‘how to style a lace top long sleeve’ could help to draw in some intrigued new followers. This is a great opportunity to pitch to some of your favourite brands about how you can bring their pieces into your content.



Can’t decide whether to stick to natural hair colours or go for something bright and bold? Why not do both? This hairstyle trend will see influencers rocking two-toned locks in 2023. ‘Blue and black braids’ are becoming increasingly popular with a search increase of 215%, while ‘lavender and blonde hair’ is having a moment with 150% more searches. 

Gemini hair trends

How to take advantage of this trend?

Have you always wanted to experiment with your hair colour? Now’s the time. Film a slick transformation, take us to your hair appointment in a vlog, or give us a DIY hair tutorial to hop on this emerging trend. Remember: there are lots of hair care brands looking for influencers to collaborate with. 



At the moment, everyone’s paying attention to how they can live more sustainably, but Boomers and Gen X, in particular, are wondering how they can conserve and collect water. Searches for ‘drought-tolerant landscape design’ have increased by 385%, while ‘rainwater harvesting architecture’ searches have risen by 155%. 


How to take advantage of this trend?

If your content is based on interior or exterior design, landscape, architecture, or anything eco-friendly, consider creating some educational content around this topic. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Plant mums and dads — do you collect rainwater for your plants? Show us how!



Out with the new, in with the old. It looks like the world of interior design is slowly moving away from the minimalist, neutral set-ups that were so popular in recent years and towards vintage vibes. But we’re not quite ready to kiss modern interiors goodbye, as searches for how to incorporate antiques into contemporary aesthetics are high.

Searches for ‘eclectic interior design vintage’ have shot up by an enormous 850%, while ‘mixing modern and antique furniture’ searches aren’t far behind with a 530% increase.  

Hipstoric Home

How to take advantage of this trend?

Have any unique antiques lying around? Show us how you style them in your home. If you’ve picked up any bits and pieces at charity or vintage shops, don’t forget to give us a haul. Or if you’re spending the day antique shopping, why not bring your audience along with you?


Our biggest trend prediction for 2023?

We’re predicting that you’ll work with loads of your favourite brands this year while getting paid to do what you love. 

Ready to make it happen? TRIBE has loads of campaigns ready and waiting for creators like you! 

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