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Influencer Marketing FAQ’s with TRIBE Founder, Jules Lund

At TRIBE, we are always asked how best to leverage the fast-paced and ever-growing world of influencer marketing. We like to cater for everyone in terms of how they like to take in information. For those who want to read detailed documents, we have our 2022 Guide to Influencer Marketing, and for those with a slightly shorter attention span, we have created a fun and informative Q&A with TRIBE Founder Jules Lund.

For this short video, we spoke with some of our trusted brand partners and asked them what they felt were their most pressing questions as they began their journey into influencer marketing. Some common questions jumped out of the conversations, including:

  • How can brands unlock the creativity of creators?

  • Where can marketers source branded content?

  • What is a Branded Content Ad?

  • How does the TRIBE platform work?

To hear Jules’ responses to these questions, and more, check out the video below.