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How your Drone Can Pay for Itself

Remember the days when movies began with epic opening scenes? The camera seemed to defy the laws of gravity, soaring over cities, oceans and horizons. It blew our minds – how did they do it? Helicopter? Super hero? Giant bird?!

These days, there’s no need to saddle up a winged beast or straddle superman to get a soaring scenes-cape (...unfortunately). Now we just use drones, and you can too.

If you’ve got an eye for detail, some creative flair and – you guessed it – a drone, here are some ways that droning can give you the edge on other creators, and take your content to new heights.

1. They Give You A New Perspective

One of the most exciting things about using a drone is that it allows you to shoot from a bird’s-eye view, which can instantly transform an otherwise regular photo into something truly breathtaking.

@nebsly for Beware of the Bugs

Not only that, but it allows you to portray the world from a unique perspective which puts your content a head (or 100 feet) above the rest. 

2. They Inspire Creativity

If you’re creating content day in and day out, it’s easy to run low on inspo. There may be days when coming up with a unique idea feels like drawing blood from a stone, or when every photo you take seems dull and lifeless. 

Using a drone can reignite your creativity, offering endless possibilities and enabling you to compose content that is fresh and unique. Exploring new creative territory - both literally and figuratively - can reawaken your inspiration!

3. Reach Hard-To-Access Shoot Locations

The potential for the most amazing photography often lies in the least accessible of places. Thanks to drones, influencers don’t have to trek through dangerous jungles or climb monstrous mountains to take spectacular photos – if your creativity lies in unaccessible areas, a drone might just be the key.

etchd-toyota-campaign@etchd for Toyota

While you may be tempted to let your imagination run wild, there are actually restrictions on where you can and can’t fly a drone. So check out this app out to see where the no fly zones are!

4. They Take Amazing Action Shots

Drones are incredibly useful when it comes to action or adventure photography. Their unique functionality makes them perfect for capturing fast-paced action or movement, allowing you to produce smooth sweeping shots, or capture a single moment in perfect clarity. 

Some drones can even independently avoid obstacles, track moving subjects and fly at speeds of 70km per hour. Plus – most can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet! 

 5. They Can Fly... Need I Say More?

When you have a drone, you basically have a camera that can fly. Up, down, sideways, diagonally – you name it. Most drones also have built-in cameras that are able to rotate and swivel, allowing you to shoot photos and videos from every angle.

roadstotravel for Marvel@roadstotravel for Marvel


This is fantastic for content creators, as it gives them endless freedom. Imagine having the ability to take photos of products, scenery – or even just yourself – from all positions and angles, without having to move an inch. The sky's the limit!

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