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How to License your Best Performing Content in 3 Steps

Some influencer posts perform with above-average audience engagement.

The key to increasing your performance? Don't let them go to waste!

TRIBE allows you to license your highest-performing posts from your influencer campaigns to use on your paid and owned marketing channels, including your socials,

In fact, there are 4 ways to amplify Premium UGC to fuel your marketing channels. But let's take a look at the three simple steps to licensing the rights to your top-performing content from influencer campaigns.

1. Request the content you want to license

Find your fave or best-performing content and request to license it at the click of a button.



2. Choose your rights

You have two options when requesting license rights. You can either request exclusive rights for online use, which means you’ll be able to use the content on social media and your website. Or, you can request exclusive rights for use on all channels giving you permission to use the content on any channel, online or offline.

For both content license types, you have the option to gain the rights for 12 months or for perpetuity.



3. The creator approves your request

The creator will be notified in the TRIBE Creator App and have the option to accept or decline your request. If the creator accepts your license request, the licensing cost will be charged to your credit card, or added to your invoice and you'll be able to download the original image or video.


Inspiring ways to super-charge your UGC


User-generated content drives 6.9X higher engagement than brand-generated content. Supercharge your socials by posting content from your very own customers!

Content Only Socials


Who better to create ads consumers love than the consumers themselves? Unilever’s OMO transformed content from their Sensitive Moments campaign into a dynamic set of Facebook ads.

Content Only Paid Ads


By utilising the power of user-generated content instead of hiring a creative agency, photographer, models and jetting overseas; you could get hundreds of great shots for the price of one! Naturally, BusAbout took the faster, cheaper and more authentic option, and we don't blame them.

Content Only Print


If you’re wanting to revamp or refresh your brand’s online presence, why not get the creative experts to do it for you? As part of a brand facelift and relaunch, Melbourne favourite Little Michael’s Pizzeria harnessed the superpowers of local creators to celebrate their signature pizza menu!

Content Only Website



Why pay for an expensive product shoot, when your customers are already out there doing it for you? All you have to do is find them! San Remo loved their creator content so much, they requested that the mouth-watering snaps appear alongside recipes in their downloadable cookbook!

Content Only E-Book


Thanks to a combination of phone-camera technology and our creators' phenomenal talent, the images brands receive are such high quality that they can be printed on pretty much anything! Case in point: from dinner table... to fashion statement.

Merchandise Content Only


Just because you procure the content online, doesn’t mean it has to stay there! Sanctuary Spa created in-store product displays featuring content from their Shower Burst campaign.

Content Only Point of Sale


Think BIG! OMD Create and Bacardi purchased 70 pieces of stunning creator content, 27 of which were placed in digital billboards close to participating bars and restaurants around Australia. The results of the influencer and content campaign speak loudly enough. For their budget, Bacardi achieved a collective reach of 1.6M, 58K engagement and an impressive CPE (cost per engagement) of AUD$0.27.

“We are smashing it in sales and serving over 1.5 million mojitos this summer. Bacardi #MojitoMoments demonstrates our approach to connecting with consumers through immediacy and innovation, via consumer centric creative.” - JONATHAN SULLY, Marketing Director