Influencer Resources By Kelsie Rimmer

How to Create Captivating Video Content

Video is proven to connect with people more powerfully than any other marketing method, and knowing how to create professional, engaging video content is key to becoming a successful social media butterfly.

Facebook and Snapchat are now generating over 8 billion daily video views, and millions of hours of video content are being watched on YouTube every day. As an influencer, you’d be crazy not to have a piece of that cake.

Luckily, in this day and age, you don’t need a film degree or a studio full of expensive equipment to make a great video.

All you really need is the right idea, the right skills and a simple, old fashioned smartphone. Here is the TRIBE guide to creating captivating video content.

What's the story?

Storytelling is at the heart and soul of any successful video. By telling a story that people can connect with on a personal or emotional level, you are much more likely to engage your audience and gain their trust.

So if you want to motivate, persuade or connect with your followers, make sure you have a story to tell them.


@charliepr1ce for Ultimate Ears

Attention seeker

With so much content floating around the social media-sphere, it’s crucial to make your video stand out. The first 30 seconds of a video will generally make or break a viewer’s interest, so grab their attention early.

Some effective ways to capture a viewer’s attention are with colour, movement and a visually engaging introduction.

Get creative and find a way to stand out from the crowd: be bright, be bold, and give ‘em the old razzle-dazzle. for Land Rover

Get lit

To create a stunning, high-quality video, good lighting is a must. A bright, illuminated setting is more visually appealing to viewers and will help you avoid grainy, low-quality footage.

Getting lit(erary) can also be a huge help. Writing a script—or even just determining the beginning, middle, and end of the story you’re trying to tell—will ensure that your content is coherent and engaging.


@wewanderthe_world for New Caledonia Tourism

Suit up

While dressing your camera in a tuxedo might be a tad much, it’s still essential to make your video look as polished and professional as possible.

Thanks to technology, almost anyone can film, edit and upload high-quality visual content with their smart phone alone. But with so much content being uploaded to social media every day, videos that aren’t up to standard stick out like a sore thumb.

A polished and professional looking video is now expected from all influencers, and good editing is key to producing a polished end product.

Cutting out unnecessary footage, adjusting the tone and lighting, and adding some entertaining music are some simple ways to make your video more professional and captivating.

Editing videos is easy with programs such as iMovie, Final Cut and Premier Pro, or you can even edit on your phone with apps such as Magisto or Powerdirector. 


@itsfinallyfiona for Morphy Richards UK

Get the message

How many times have you scrolled past a Facebook or Instagram video, and been too lazy to flick on the sound? 

You’re not the vide-only one. In fact, 85% of all videos on Facebook are viewed without sound.

To tell your story more soundly, consider adding some text or subtitles to your video so everyone gets the message. You hear?

Good as goal-ed

Every video you create should have a purpose — a goal to be fulfilled.

Understanding what kind of audience you are trying to reach and what kind of goal you are trying to achieve will ensure that your video’s message and call to action are clear and concise.

Create a video with a defined purpose in mind, and you’ll be as good as goal-ed.