Brand Resources By Kelsie Rimmer

Activate Influencers To Access Your College Customers

If you’re worried about your marketing going cold over summer – chill out! Why not harness the back to school hype by using influencers to cut through to your college customers? 

In the same way that influencer marketing has overtaken celebrity product endorsements, consumer attention is moving away from mainstream marketing channels and zoning in on the digital space. In this day and age, the best way to get people to notice your brand is by promoting it through social influencers. 


Influencer marketing is all about inspiring your customers to make your product aspirational, and for brands targeting college students, this means embedding themselves in the college lifestyle through activating their most influential customers. 

It’s no secret that marketing and sales go cold during summer. With students, consumers and marketers all heading off on vacation, it can be hard for brands to kick off a successful marketing campaign. 


Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to create content that cuts through, for one simple reason: consumers want to hear from other consumers. 

Micro-influencers are experts at cultivating a close sense of community, because they are simply everyday people promoting products they already use and love. And within this influencer pool, there are plenty of different types of influencers you can leverage – and who better to kick off your back to school campaign than college students themselves? 


Influencers are the perfect way to connect with the millennial demographic and activate your college customers, marketing your campaign directly to your prime audience to help you start the semester with a bang.

By leveraging this specific pool of activated influencers to amp up marketing campaigns that typically wouldn’t get too much traction over the summer, your brand can combat the summer chill-out quickly and affordably. The best part? You can actually activate your existing customers to pick up your marketing slack.


Whether your brand is focused on fashion, food and drink, lifestyle, or even a product-free service, TRIBE can connect you with everyday people who already use and love your products, and empower them to not only create content for your campaign, but also market it for you – to the specific audience you want to reach. You can turn your very own customers into your creative department and marketing team, and then empower them to sell to each other!

Activating micro-influencers is the key to your brand’s back to school summer success – word of mouth marketing at scale, directed to niche targeted audiences.