Discover Western Webinars Campaign

How WSU Drove Their CPA 45% Lower than Forecast


Ranked in the top 250 universities globally, Western Sydney University is one of Australia’s leading institutions. Located in the heart of Sydney Australia, WSU is a globally focused, research-led committed to offering unlimited potential to students with the talent, drive and ambition to succeed.



Tribe Features Used

  • TikTok Campaign.
  • Creator Ad Boosting.
  • Audience Metrics.


The Objective

WSU wanted to generate awareness for their “Discover Western Webinars’ amongst high-school leavers, or anyone embarking on the journey of gaining a higher education. In order to convert a large volume of their target audience into webinar registrants WSU first needed to overcome the challenge of targeting TikTok users under 18 - who are excluded from a number of interest-based targeting tools.

Enter Creator Marketing.

In collaboration with their Media Agency, Bohemia Group WSU sought to challenge the status quo and reach their audience on TikTok by partnering with Education creators. 

The Solution

In order to build awareness from the right audience it was vital for WSU to partner with the right creators. Following an in-depth discovery session with Behomeia Group and WSU the TRIBE team presented a shortlist of creators with proven success in creating engaging, education-themed content with large percentages of Australian-based, 18-24 year olds in their audiences, with a secondary preference for 25-35 year olds.

3 creators were selected who shot videos promoting the webinars by using skits, voiceovers and a clear call-to-action to register. Each creator delivered fun and relatable content that gained incredible organic performance reaching far beyond the creator’s own audiences.




Wanting to double down on the strong organic performance all 3 TikToks were further boosted as Spark Ads, allowing Bohemia and WSU to reach a wider audience, gain even more impressions and take advantage of the all-important CTA to drive, and track, conversions in the form of Webinar Registrations. 

The Results

Organic Performance:


The 3 TikTok creators drove significant organic performance. Proving the power of truly engaging content and the TikTok algorithm they together amassed 3.6M+ views - a total view % of +3,389% compared to their combined follower size 135.1k. By reaching such a wide audience WSU were able to achieve a low overall CPM of $0.83 and over 16.8k engagements.

Paid Performance:


By boosting this same content as Spark Ads, WSU was able to double down on its mass awareness and drive an additional 1.3M+ views/impressions resulting in 39,970 clicks for a CTR of 0.80% - +38% higher than TikTok’s benchmarks.

The best part? The TRIBE creator content converted into over 1,000 relevant Webinar Registrations with a CPA -45% lower than originally forecast. 



“At Bohemia, we strive to move people through handcrafted memorable media for our clients. Both TikTok and TRIBE took this onboard and offered us an exceptional solution for Western Sydney University, which allowed media to be more in tune with what users are accustomed to on the platform. We were incredibly happy with the results-driven for Western and can't wait to work with TikTok and TRIBE again to continue this excellent partnership.”

TOM MARSHALL Performance Manager, Bohemia Group




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