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How Uploading Your Creator Insights Will Increase Your Value

As an influencer, having an Instagram Business Profile gives you more power than ever before. Accessing valuable insights into your account – such as your audience's demographic, age, gender and region – allows you to not only know your following better, but greatly increases your value to brands.

There’s no doubt that uploading audience insights to your TRIBE profile can skyrocket the success of your submissions.

Here's a few reasons to give brands a glimpse into your insights...

1. Brands can see the value of your audience for their campaign.

2. As influencer marketing becomes more transparent, you’ll be ahead of the game.

3. Your submission will stand out– Business Profiles are tagged with an insights tab, letting brands know you’re laying it all out on the table.

Why Are Insights Important?

We know 2019 will be the year influencer marketing becomes legit. As brands start taking the industry more seriously and looking for ways to track their campaigns, transparency, authenticity and measurement are more important than ever.

One of the main reasons to upload insights to your profile is to show brands how valuable your audience is to their campaign, and be sure that your following aligns with their target audience. For a brand to approve your content, they first need to know that you’re reaching and engaging the right demographic for their campaign.

As the ways audiences interact on Instagram is constantly changing, brands are starting to measure not just your followers, but link tracking, comments, Stories and more. As a result, giving brands insight into your influence is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and increase your TRIBE value!

One of the main reasons to upload your insights is so brands can see if your following aligns with their target audience.

 As the ways audiences interact on Instagram are constantly changing, brands are starting to measure not just your followers, but link tracking, comments, Stories and more. If you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk - so be upfront with your insights and show those brands what you got!

Uploading Your Insights To TRIBE


1. Go to your Instagram account Settings, and switch it to a business account.

2. Screenshot Gender, Age Range (All), Top Locations (Countries) and Top Locations (Cities). 

3. HOT TIP Make sure you tap on the chart to show percentages before you screenshot!

4. Open the TRIBE app menu bar, and tap YOU.

5. Go to Social accounts, and tap the Instagram handle of the account that you want to upload insights for.

6. Upload your screenshots to the relevant sections.

7. Tap SUBMIT MY INSIGHTS, and voila! 

It may take up to 48 hours to approve your insights. If your screenshots aren't accepted the first time, simply re-upload the correct ones and tap RE-SUBMIT MY INSIGHTS.

Uploading your Instagram insights will create an Audience Insights tab visible to brands on your submissions.

How Is Instagram Changing?

Instagram is currently testing out a feature called Creator Accounts, which will be similar to Business Profiles, but designed specifically for influencers.

These accounts will provide you with additional creative tools and reporting metrics, allowing you to provide more in-depth insights to brands.

As the industry begins shifting to a more transparent place, understanding and sharing insights will boost your integrity and put you ahead of the curve. Before long, creators will not just be encouraged to measure and track their audience – they’ll be expected to. If you've got it - flaunt it! 


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