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Case Study: How TRIBE Creators Reached Almost 1M TikTok Users for Ryobi

The objective

pink-tick To amplify their ‘DIY Projects’ multi-channel marketing campaign
pink-tick To inspire a new audience to take on innovative DIY projects using RYOBI power tools

The strategy

There’s nothing like seeing engaging DIY content to inspire people to create something themselves. From campervan fit-outs to renovations and planters, TikTok has become a go-to app for DIY making the platform a perfect channel for Ryobi.

The brief to TRIBE creators was simple, welcoming creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with an overall message of inspiration to ‘get the tools out’ and make something. 9 TikTokkers brought ideas like replacing their windows, refurbishing furniture and polishing a boat in paradise to life, all with Ryobi’s signature green products front and centre.


Tactics used

Macro Vs Micro | How-To/Tutorial Content | Going Viral



Ryobi collaborated with both micro and macro TikTokkers and achieved results that perfectly highlight the power of TikTok’s algorithm and the potential for engaging content to reach far beyond a creator's own audience.

Top-performing micro creator @twosometravellers' TikTok was viewed by an audience almost 20 times larger than their following of 37.9K. With a much larger following of 1.5M, macro creator @celia.gercovich’s TikTok received 1.3M views. Both are high-performing creators who prove the opportunity marketers and creators have in reaching new audiences with authentic and engaging content.

Check out the top-performing content


TOP MICRO CREATOR: @twosometravellers

1948.6% Engagement | 681.2hrs Play Time | 735,300 Views | 3,204 Engagements



TOP MACRO CREATOR: @celia.gercovich

87.98% Engagement | 549.8hrs Play Time | 1.3M Views | 19,644 Engagements


Organic Performance

9 TikTok Posts | 2,992,918 Views | 32,902 Engagements | 930,848 Audience | $0.62 CPE | 1865hrs Play Time

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @extra.ordinary.home


by @findinghuggie


by @plantshappen


by @renowayoflife


by @the_gretaway


by @thegreenertwo


by @zach_mander


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