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How Much Influencers are Really Paid

For those of you not familiar with Husskie, we are a fashion, beauty and lifestyle news website featuring influencer-focused content. Because our content is focused on influencers, we get asked a LOT of questions in this area - especially questions on how we choose which influencers to feature on the site, and how much influencers get paid. And let me tell you, while numbers do play their part - it is definitely not just a numbers game.

TRIBE's Head of Creator and Brand Partnerships, Georgie Cavanagh, reveals:

“The industry is really changing. It used to be about the Insta famous or those with 1m+ followers, but now it’s about everyday content creators. They’re not models, or professional stylists, but their content is high quality and in the exact visual tone that we know their audiences like.”

This couldn’t be truer. While Instagram use to be all about a number - number of followers, number of likes, number of comments - the saturation of the market has seen people looking beyond the number to the relevancy and quality of your content.

We’re seeing this trend of breaking out from the numbers game, happening more and more across the board. As further influencers come onto the Insta-scene, brands are wising up to choosing and paying those influencers producing content that aligns with their messaging, their brand, and their purpose.

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